Join us in Nigeria, Germany, Poland for the Soccer Experience of a Lifetime!


Welcome to AV Soccer  & Education Football Academy! We now have over 20 years’ experience hosting academic year footballers, soccer teams and football tour groups in Nigeria, Poland, Germany. This   Football Academies was established in 2001. It is located in Nigeria at Angwan Tiv Freedom Street New Nyanya Abuja. Please click through to see more about our academy.


Our main training facility, is located few kilometers from the accommodation. Offering all the necessities to our players for their daily training sessions. In one of the most exclusive locations in Nigeria, Poland, Santa Germany Club we will conduct all weekly training sessions where we have 25 natural grass pitches available to our players.


If you are interested in joining us at the Academy or would like further information, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

AV Soccer Academy International assists parents through the football academies registration process.

Acquiring a Visa

In addition to a current, valid PASSPORT, most EIFA academy student-players will require a STUDENT VISA in order to attend one of our international academic year football academies. The good news is that at EIFA we have over 10 years experience in assisting our participants to secure Student Visas! We provide all the legal documents and invitation letters that are required to support the Visa application. We also provide regular email and telephone SUPPORT as needed and apply our expertise and experience to ensure that EIFA academy players are able to secure the appropriate VISA (allowing them entry into the desired EIFA academy).

Enrolling in a Foreign School

Enrolling in a foreign school can be an intimidating thought for some soccer parents but rest assured that since 2010, AV Soccer Academy has facilitated hundreds of international student-soccer players studying abroad. We have affiliated educational institution partners in each of our venues worldwide that accept, enroll and issue documents required for VISA applications for our student-footballers. The school application procedure is completely overseen by our head office and our parent clients are given continual support and guidance throughout the entire registration and Visa process.

Learning the Language

AV Soccer Academy International wisely makes language learning a core value of its soccer & education academies around the world. We believe that learning the language of the AV Soccer Academy country you attend, and becoming inter-culturally competent there, will change a young soccer player’s life forever. Through our affiliated language institutions abroad, we offer several intensive language study options in each of our soccer academy venues worldwide. We believe that becoming bi-lingual while pursuing your football dreams is fantastic use of a young person’s time.

Safety, Supervision and Insurance

AV SOCCER ACADEMY is the safety leader in International Residential Football & Education Academies, safety and supervision is our highest priority. We provide a dedicated full-time Welfare Officers available to support our participant’s needs, care and attention 24 hour day for the duration of their course. Insurance: AV SOCCER ACADEMY is not responsible for events out of its control during any of its Programs which include, but are not limited to, instances of theft, burglary, assault, injury, loss of property, medical emergencies or other medical needs, acts of terrorism, Acts of God, or any other risks which arise as a result of traveling abroad. Accordingly, Parent agrees to procure on behalf of Participant, personal insurance necessary to cover all costs incurred by Participant in the Program. Parent agrees to provide AV SOCCER ACADEMY with evidence of said insurance 30 days prior to Participant’s departure for the host country of the Program.

Player's Rules of Conduct

Participant Code of Conduct

Participants in AV SOCCER ACADEMY Programs are expected to respect the local people and customs of the host country in which they are visiting. Participants are subject to local laws, standards of living, and all that comes with living in a foreign country. Participants may also be subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the host institution.

Participant Responsibility

Participants are responsible for understanding issues related to the legal, cultural, safety, health, political, and religious issues of their host country. Participants are responsible for themselves while traveling abroad and are expected to respect local people, customs, property, laws, and all other aspects of life in the host country. It is not possible for AV SOCCER ACADEMY or its partners to be solely responsible for the Participant’s security while abroad. More info on Academy Policies page.

EduKick Travel Check List

Current Passport with Student Visa Stamp Copy of Passport & Birth Certificate Return Plane ticket All original school enrollment documents and host family details ATM CARD or Travel Money Card Health Insurance Card & Policy Info Notebooks,Journal & Writing Utensils Laptop Computer-Wi-Fi available Language Dictionary & Learning CD Camera (optional) Football Boots, guards, general gear Swimsuit/2-3 Bathing Towels Casual wear slacks, jeans, dress shirts, shorts, tee-shirts, etc One or two nice outfits for social activities Winter Wear Shoes, Heavy Jacket, Sweaters, Hat, Gloves, etc Personal toiletries: tooth brush/paste, deodorant, comb, after shave Alarm Clock Medication for any existing medical conditions (please ensure that the course leader, coaches and host family are aware of these) List of personal contacts back home (emails/addresses/telephone numbers)

What Does Our International  Soccer Academy Include?

Our football academy for international students includes the following:

  • Full time football academy with training twice a day.
  • UEFA PRO European qualified Full Time Coaches.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week.
  • Gym and group training.
  • High quality accommodation.
  • Spanish language courses.
  • Coaching courses.
  • Training Kit.
  • Beach soccer.
  • Excursions and entertainment with team.

5 Months Football Academy

All included training season Total: 16.200 EUR per season Full season most popular
$ 900 Monthly
  • List Item #3

9 Months Football Academy

All included training season Total: 16.200 EUR per season Full season most popular
$ 1800 Monthly
  • List Item #3

Free Football Advice

AV SOCCER is happy to help with any questions and concerns regarding international football academies or anything “football” in general. Complete this form, and an AV SOCCER agent will review and get back with you if necessary.


When students join the AV Soccer Academy, they immediately become part of the boarding family and go on to forge what often become life-long friendships, across different cultures and age groups. Both of our boarding houses are located off campus, as we believe it is vital for the students to have a break from school. Close enough to get to school in under 15 minutes, but far away enough for it to feel like you’re really going “home” after a happy day “at work”.

Weekend Activities

Our weekend activity program gives students plenty of opportunities to socialize, immerse themselves in village life and experience a wide range of cultural trips and activities in a multicultural environment. Boarders have access to the extensive sporting facilities that our school provides.

The International Football Academy provides exclusive accommodation, meals and 24/7 support to its players

Angwan Tiv Freedom Street New Nyanya AbujaOffice +4915730619860